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Defining Your Target Audience

Clearly define the target audience for your data communication project...

Now that you have your list prioritized, try to clearly define the target audience for your data communication project. You don’t need to write down every group; just focus on the ones with high prioritizations. Here is an example:

“Target Audience will include EMS director, EMS advisory board members, pediatric task force members, training managers, trainers, and training colleagues. Secondary Audience will include funding agency representatives, federal representatives, elected officials, EMS researchers, and EMS agency and other department heads.”

There! Now you have a clear list of those you need to target for your communication project. It’s even divided into two lists so you know where you need to focus most of your attention.

In many cases the people listed in the Target Audience section often have certain characteristics in common, helping you further identify who they are. In our case, our target audience consists mostly of people in EMS leadership with regard to training issues. As we go through the rest of the communication steps, we can keep "EMS training leadership" as our main target audience focus.


Congratulations!  Ready for the next step?

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