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Picture of a young boy thinking.Be aware of barriers up front before you get in over your head.

Now you need take an honest look at all the resources you have available to you and think about what you will need in order for you to accomplish your goal. Such resources might include the following:

  • Costs: How much money do you expect this project will need? Will it mostly require time, or will you need expensive equipment or other materials to get it done? Will you need a better computer program? Will you need to do some mailings? Try to honestly assess all the costs that will be required for successful completion of the project.
  • Funding: Do you have adequate money available in your grant(s) to complete the project? If not, would it be possible to partner up with another organization to get the funding you need? Are there other creative ways to budget for the project or obtain funding? Money is one of the most important considerations you should assess whenever you begin a new data collection project.
  • Personnel/Time: Ask yourself how much staff time you realistically will need for this project. Will you need an assistant? Will you need to hire an outside analyst or consultant? Maybe you are paid full-time to do projects like the one you’re considering, but you are already over-booked on several projects you have going on. It is important to be aware of these time barriers up front before you get in over your head.
  • Feasibility: Feasibility is often forgotten when we consider our resources for doing a data collection project. Do you really think you can accomplish this? Do you have the adequate training, background, and expertise? Is the political situation in your office such that the project can succeed, or would key people not be supportive of your efforts? Be realistic about all the barriers you might face so that you can at least start to prepare yourself and identify ways to overcome those barriers.

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