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NEDARC is committed to improving the quality of care in EMS systems.

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Providing Technical Assistance

NEDARC (The National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center) is a national resource center that provides technical assistance to EMS for Children grantees who are developing their data capabilities.

NEDARC, located at the University of Utah School of Medicine, was created through a cooperative agreement with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in 1995. NEDARC was originally established to:

  • Address priorities in EMSC data collection
  • Help states accelerate adoption of common EMS definitions
  • Enhance data collection and analysis throughout the country


Funding for NEDARC is provided through a cooperative agreement with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.


HRSA can provide general assistance on various aspects of EMSC programs, such as EMSC program implementation and institutionalization, project idea planning, coalition building, funding, family-centered care, etc.

The Staff

NEDARC has a professional staff with various skills and backgrounds. We are ready to assist you as you improve the emergency care for children. From medical professionals to data analysts, NEDARC can get the job done. Check the faculty and staff page for detailed information on each staff member's background and title.





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